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Our History

In the Fall of 1964, Monument of Love Church of God In Christ was formulated with 9 members and the Pastor, the very young and energetic, Joseph Paul Easterling. It wasn't long before they rented a small edifice located at 7125 S. Halsted in Chicago. As the membership began to grow and flourish, the parishioners were able to secure a new facility located at 6848 S. Racine. In 1977, the church moved to its present location, 2113 W. Marquette Rd.,Chicago, Illiniois. The purchase price was $25,000. As the church pulled its forces together, and under the leadership of Dr. Easterling, the mortgage was burned in 1980. By the time, the 9 member mission had grown to a congregation of 100.

In 1981, as the membership began to grow and change, Dr. Easterling did a total overhaul of the sanctuary. as the church was becoming community oriented, additional space was needed to house the food and clothe pantry and the hot kitchen. During the summer months, the church hosted the free lunch program and day camp for the community children. It was obvious that the facility as it existed was just to small. Additionally, as charter member's offspring began to mature and become more educated, the church was becoming financially stable and able to fund the major renovation projects on its own. So 1981 ushered in phase 1 of a 3 phase project. In 1982, the church was able to raise $4,500.00 to purchase the Parcel of land just west of the church for a parking facility. In 1983 Phase 2 of the building was initiated and the dining area was completed.... All funded through donations and fundraisers. In 1995 we began construction on Phase 3. Additional 2nd floor office space was added to the existing structure and Phase 3 was constructed for approximately $100,000 which was paid for in full by the congregation.

In 2001, the house that is adjacent to the church became available for purchase. The asking price was $45,000. Within 6 months, the congregation raised the funds to pay for the house in full.

Presently, under the Leadership of Superintendent Rory Hood, New St. Paul embarked upon a new journey and its brand new edifice was erected adjacent to the old building. The transformation led to a 400 seat sanctuary,a Multi-center(JPEComplex) with office space, and space to house a 50-60  Senior ADS Center. This structure is a testament to the power of vision and faith. This property that was purchased for $25,000 in 1977 and the 9 member congregation has grown to a membership upwards of 300. Several ministries are in place to fullfill our commitment to serve the people in our community. Summer food programs, Senior ministry, and youth services continue to be a passion for the New St. Paul Church of God In Christ family. Our mission is to continue to provide services to meet the needs of this ever changing global society. We want to continue to provide Senior Care services for families in need. Social services, Chaplaincy Services for seniors and adults with disabilities. 

Apostle Joseph Paul Easterling
Missionary Ruby Jewel Easterling
Elder Rory C. Hood Pastor/Teacher
Dr. Jo L. Easterling-Hood First Lady 

2113 W.  Marquette Road, Chicago, Il. 60636 | Telephone: 773-544-8312