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Rory Hood is a retired US Veteran who has dedicated his life to answering  his charge to serve. He is a true humanitarian who enjoys providing resources to ehance the lives of others. As administrator of the NSP Adult Day Services, Rory's vision is to provide seniors a space where their social, emotional, and physical needs can be met in a loving, caring, sharing atmosphere: A place where seniors can thrive in a care-free and fun environment.
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Rory C. Hood
Dr. Hood is a passionate servant leader. She has over twenty years experience as an administrator, counselor, and life coach. She was selected as a presenter for the Illinois Principals' Conference to speak on Social Emotional Learning From the Top Down. . She is  the author of serveral books, and her latest, Leadership Pros, Woes, and Foes. Dr. Hood has committed her life to service and she especially loves to work with seniors.
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